The firm provides foreign groups which have invested in Israel with on-going legal assistance and representation in connection with their Israeli affiliates.  The firm ascertains that the Israeli subsidiary meets all the requirements of the Companies Law, drafting minutes of shareholders and board meetings and helping the Israeli subsidiary or its Foreign Parent Company to move in the mazes of the Israeli Public Administration. Certain European investors have appointed adv. Sabina Mayer as a director in their Israeli subsidiary.

The firm regularly constitutes Israeli Branches of Foreign Companies, under the Israeli Company Law. Said constitution is required in order to operate a business place in Israel.

The firm has a wide experience in assisting Foreign companies in commercial and equity Joint Ventures with Israeli counterparts, providing assistance from the stage of the negotiations to the drafting of the JV Agreement and through the day to day implementation of the JV. Among other examples, the firm represented Italian counterparts in JV in the fields of photovoltaic energy, construction materials, electronics, food and drinks and more.

The firm has extensive experience in the fields of commercial agency, distribution, licensing and franchising. The assistance usually covers the advise in negotiating and drafting the commercial agreements and the assistance in litigation (principally to producers-suppliers) in claims arising from termination of such agreements.

The firm assists clients in trademarks registration and litigation, IP licensing agreements with international counterparts in the fields of Telecommunications, Food and Beverages, Industry etc..

The firm assists clients in the drafting of employment agreements and in the different aspects of the employer-employee relationship under Israeli Law.

The firm assists clients in International Private Law matters such as International inheritances, enforcement of foreign judicial decisions. We provide opinions on Italian Law and Israeli Law in said matters.

Adv. Sabina Mayer serves as a recognized Israeli Public Notary. The firm provides notarized and non notarized translations into and from Hebrew, Italian, English and French. Adv. Sabina Mayer is a recognized notary and translator by the Italian Embassy in Tel Aviv.

The firm provides assistance in civil and commercial litigation before all Israeli Courts and Arbitral Instances. The ability to understand relevant documents in different languages and to communicate directly with foreign experts and witnesses allows substantial cost reduction and more efficiency in the work process.

Recent changes in the Israeli Law have helped Israel to become a particularly interesting place to settle trusts from a fiscal point of view, especially when both settler and beneficiaries are not Israeli Residents. The firm assists clients in the set up of the trust in the framework of an optimized tailor-made structure.

The firm regularly assists clients in international tenders and infrastructure projects. In the last years, the quantity of infrastructure tenders has substantially grown in Israel. The firm assists its clients in the submission stage but also in the contractual relationship with eventual Israeli partner and in the implementation stage with all the legal aspects concerned including financing, the granting of work permits for foreign workers etc.

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The firm advises foreign investors who are contemplating investment opportunities in Israel, providing them with the comprehensive legal services required for every stage of their activities in the various fields of commercial law involved including contractual, financing, corporate, public investment incentives and benefits when applicable.