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SABINA MAYER LAW OFFICES AND NOTARY was founded in January 2008 by adv. Sabina Mayer. Our aim is to serve as one stop legal shop for foreign companies in Israel. The firm's clientele is principally constituted by prominent Italian and European companies doing business in Israel.
Situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, in front of the Mediterranean Sea, between the walls of Ancient Jaffa and the business and financial districts of Tel Aviv, our firm is located in the same building as the Italian Embassy in Israel. We offer our European clients an insight into the heart of Middle- East business arena.
Our deep knowledge of the Israeli legal system and business culture and our awareness of the differences existing between them and many European legal systems and business cultures, allow us to help our clients to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings in their Israeli business partnerships and investments. We believe that as an international oriented firm, we must act non only as lawyers but also as cultural mediators.  
Speaking the language of our clients and knowing their cultural background is for us of essential importance in assisting them to optimize their business achievements in Israel.